Knightsbridge School


At Knightsbridge school we have spent a lot of time getting the children excited about their Edible School Garden at St Saviours Church. Early in the year we did an all school assembly and tasting of red cabbage and apples which were in season at the time.

A group of students came out to do a fall planting session of herbs after the garden was built and Chef Jackie has been trimming parsley and using it in her school meals ever since!

Having an edible school garden has been a fantastic experience for our children. They are constantly surprised by how things grow; how many potatoes from a single one planted was a particular revelation! The children love getting their hands dirty. Gia and Tim are so enthusiastic about the project it is infectious.

As a novice, I wouldn’t have been able to make a success of it without their help. It has captured the children’s curiosity whole heartedly and they have set up their own worm bin to help compost our old plants and later feed our new ones. We use the herbs in our food at lunch time much to the delight of our chef Guy who also takes an active part in the garden. Edible school gardens are a fantastic initiative and more important now than ever.

Anthea Humphries, Senior, Knightsbridge School

Recently the students put on their spade hands and began digging holes to plant strawberries and potatos amongst many other spring vegetables.