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My Baba Edible School Garden Gia de Picciotto

The Edible School Garden featured in MyBaba

The lovely Gia de Picciotto is such an inspiration to me, and I love what she’s doing. If she had it her way, every child in London would be eating food that they’ve grown themselves. I always think that growing crops in London is more challenging than in the country, but with Gia by your side it’s just not the case. She’s written us a wonderful post to help get you started and I really hope you enjoy it as much a I did.

When I was a child, my mother and grandmother did everything possible to make our meals more nutritious. As soon as I became a mother I realised that by giving my family healthy, seasonal meals I could keep us all feeling well. And, that edible education would help get children excited about making healthy food choices. It’s really all about going back to basics, eating foods without labels.

There are countless reasons I can think of to create an Edible Garden at home. I know in our house, my boys love the connection that have to their food. The best part is that you don’t have to live on acres of land in the country or be an experienced gardener to reap the vast reward.

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