I have been passionate about food since I was a small child.  I recall my mother and grandmother sprinkling wheat germ on everything we ate to make it more nutrient dense (I suppose that would be today’s equivalent of chia seeds!) When I had my first son, I realised that to me, food meant wellness and I thought that if I fed my family seasonally and nutritiously, I would keep our immune systems strong and we’d all be healthy.

This inspired me to start the Edible School Garden project in London’s Independent Schools.  In our fast paced, grab and go culture, this is about going back to basics. I planted a garden in the playground of my children’s school in Notting Hill.


The children participated (and continue to participate) in all aspects, the teachers have built curriculum around it and the kitchen is incorporating the harvest into school lunches.  We are teaching children where food comes from and that food from the earth CAN taste good AND make you FEEL good. They are learning to make healthy choices and taking this from school to home to their social lives.  As a result, some are educating their parents as well.  They are learning not to waste.


And most importantly, I believe this is a right, not a privilege. As such, we continue to raise money by selling organic produce, or healthy treats, so that we can purchase fruit trees for local community schools.  My goal is to have an Edible School Garden in as many schools as possible, as soon as possible.

Gia de Picciotto - Founder
Gia de Picciotto - Founder
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